Terms That Should Mean More to Admissions Officers: IPEDS, Clearinghouse and Common Data Set

LIVE FREE Webinar date: April 25, 2013
Time: 2:00PM - 3:00PM ET


Admissions Officers: It's time to embrace your inner Registrar and jump on the reporting ship before it sets sail. If you're not involved with reporting on your campus, it is time for that to change (if for no other reason than to make sure your numbers are reported accurately). Are you aware that admissions data plays a critical role in many state and federal reports? Learn about the basics of several standard federal reports, what admissions data is needed, and how that data is used in those reports.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is primarily for admissions officers and individuals that deal with institutional research and reporting.


Chris J. Foley,
Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Chris J. Foley is the Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Foley joined IUPUI in July of 2007, and prior to doing so, he was Chief of Operations and Director of International Admissions in Indiana University–Bloomington's Office of Undergraduate Admissions for 10 years. While at Bloomington, Foley oversaw the systems and admissions process for some 35,000 applications, and implemented an aggressive recruitment plan that resulted in a 64 percent increase in the total number of international applications in two years, and a 40 percent increase in the total number of international students on campus over five years. In his time at IUPUI, he has overseen the implementation of a national recruitment strategy.

He has published and presented on various topics including transfer credit, alumni student recruitment, college rankings, the Bologna Process, technology and international recruitment and retention. He is the author of the Educational System of the Kyrgyzstan and the editor of The Educational System of the Russian Federation (both published by AACRAO).

Todd J. Schmitz,
Executive Director of University Institutional Research and Reporting (UIRR) at Indiana University

Todd Schmitz has been the executive director of University Institutional Research and Reporting (UIRR) since its inception in 1991, and has been with Indiana University since 1986. He is active with state associations having served as president of the Indiana Association for Institutional Research and the chair of the Indiana Publics Data Advisory Group. Nationally, Todd has served on the governing council of the Association of American Universities Data Exchange and regularly presents at a variety of conferences.

Todd received his master's degree in counseling and educational psychology from the University of South Dakota and has completed his doctoral work in higher education administration and inquiry methodology at Indiana University.

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